"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remembering Roe

Don't cry for me because I'm gone. Instead remember my life when I was with you. People say I was a good dog. I don't know about good, but I was a happy dog.
And I was a lucky dog. I don't remember much about my first owners, but I know I loved them. And I remember the day I was dropped off in the street in front of the Cocker Rescue place. I couldn't understand why I was left. But I guess it was so I could be rescued and go to my forever home.
Remember me in the things I loved to do. I loved to travel.
My mom was always taking pictures of the sights. 
I preferred to sniff the new smells.    I traveled from the East coast:
                                                               Plymouth, MA                      St. Augustine, FL
to the West coast.
From Maine,                             to the Gulf of Mexico,                       to Alaska,
From the red rocks of Utah,
To the mountains of Colorado.

Remember that I loved to hike.
On the Appalachian trail,      in the White Mountains of NH,

In Florida with my best human friend, Joselyn.                                In summer heat in Utah,

Or summer cool in Alaska.
 Remember how I loved people, especially children, and people who love dogs..


And I loved spending time with all my fur friends:
    Tips                                        Labradoodle                          Bandit
 My best friend Maggie         Me and Bandit                      It's important to let your best friend win.

I liked puppies and balls.     Peaches and me in AK       Herschel and crew at my house

Sophie and me in TX           Bandit and me ready to go.      Molly and me in NY
 The gang in PA                    Nicky and me at Sarah's in AL
 Bear and me on the Blue Ridge Parkway
 Spinner and me at the swimming hole in PA.
 Eddie and me, and there were many more...
I loved to roll in the grass,     and swim in oceans and lakes.

British Columbia Lake            A glacial lake in AK                     Atlantic Ocean
 I liked to ride in the kayak.

Remember I was almost always happy. Probably the only times I wasn't happy was when I got left behind................................................................or Mom made me dress up for Christmas.

So as you remember me, remember too to always look forward to what's around the next bend.
Keep climbing to new heights.
Cherish your friends.

Take time to stop and smell the roses.
Have faith in God,
And keep on dreaming new dreams.

With love from Roe.