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Monday, November 21, 2011

Canyons Zip Line and Canopy Tour

It started at the doctor's office. I had a long wait, so read the local Ocala Style magazine where I learned about a new Zip Line course soon to open just north of Ocala. Asked my two daughters if they'd like to do it. So left to right, daughter Jennifer with her two daughters Rebecca and Ashley, and daughter Heather. All the guys had to work or were still in school.
 Here we all are while waiting for instructions.
 The Zip course was created over old abandoned phosphate mines which create an unusual landscape for central Florida.
 Jennifer in her gear.
 Heather getting adjusted.
 Overlooking the canyon.
 First some training in how to brake and "self-rescue" if you brake too soon.
 Jennifer on her practice run.
 You have to climb some steps and cross a rope bridge to get to the first real zip.
 It's called a canopy tour because most of your time is spent in the canopy of the trees.
 Heather crossing the rope bridge.
 Rebecca takes off on the first run.
 Here comes her momma.
 Here comes Heather.
Up a series of steps and platforms to the next launch site.
 Looking back.
 Checking out the first zip over water.
 The fellow in the green shirt takes your picture as you go by.
 So, smile!
Then there's a short hike to the next zip. The guides teach us about the ecology of the area.
 Ok now, that's going to be a good one.
 This one's called "Breakout," because you break out of the trees over open water.
 Ashley and Rebecca overlooking the highest & longest zip, called Speed Trap.
 Another look at the Speed Trap.
 One of the guides goes first.
 Ashley getting ready.
 And there she goes!
 The sun reflected in the water below.
 Ashley's just a speck.
 Heather getting set.
 View from the other side.
 Here comes Jennifer.
 Some more stairs to climb.
 And hiking to do.

 Heather comes over the Meadow zip.
 Then Jennifer.
 Another climb.
 To the Skywalker Bridge.
 View from the middle.
 Heather coming across.
 Rebecca takes off on Mag1, the fastest zip and the last.

 Heather comes across.
 The next group waves from the rope bridge.
 Finally you must rappel down from the last canopy platform. There goes Rebecca.
 Ashley and Rebecca down below.
 Heather's next.
 Here she comes.
 Did we have fun up there in the trees? Ribbit.
I'd say we did.

Nine awesome zips, three hours. I highly recommend it to anyone planning to come to Florida. http://www.zipthecanyons.com/