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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seeking solitude and looking for loons on Long Pond

Long Pond is nestled in the wilderness of the White Mountain National Forest in NH. There is only one forest road that leads to access to the pond.
There is no other access and no development around the pond.
We arrived early and had the whole pond to ourselves. We came to kayak and look for loons.
We looked this way,
And that way.
Finally we saw one!
He (or she?) was feeding a chick.
 Want to watch the feeding? Click on the video.

There were two chicks and two adults.
 I enjoyed watching them for a long time. These are Common Loons.
I love to hear the yodeling call of the loons. To listen, click on the video.

I'm sure this was the male loon coming to tell me I'd drifted too close to his family.

So, we left the loons to go explore the rest of the pond. There's still a lot to see. In Florida, this would be called a lake.

There are islands,

And rocky points to paddle around.

Small coves to investigate.

Lily pads,

Outcroppings with trees clinging to them.

It's a great place to go birding. Birdie helped me identify this American Black Duck.

The Cedar Waxwings are colorful.

And plentiful.

Here's what they were after.
There was the Belted Kingfisher
And a Great Blue Heron
Not sure what this is...perhaps some kind of tern?

When we went back to the RV for lunch, we found we were no longer alone.

This is a popular place for kayaking, but it's a big pond, and room for all. Glad I had my hours of solitude first though.
We did one more paddle around the pond after lunch. Then it was back down the road to camp. Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. like always it was excellent..Oh Lizzie, Zeke and Abby enjoyed the Loon call...Holy crap they almost jumped up on the desk..hahaha.. loved it..Now I know where the term Loony tunes came from..LOL yeah I can hear that Loon calling now.. God Bless..on with the show..Ps..glad you is safe !