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Sunday, January 30, 2011

FL GTG 2011

I'm a month late posting about our January Women RVer's Get-together at Silver River State Park. It was a great time, and I'll just hit the highlights here:
(Warning...there were a lot of highlights)
The banner
The welcome
The cold
 Soos is experienced with cold.
 The campfires...Peggy
 Beth, Alice, Sarah
The rig tours

 Not everyone took it as seriously as Nan
 The cabin

The food
 The games
 Gifts and prizes: Nan made everyone a Glo towel
Beth gave out forum magnets
 Alice donated several nice prizes
 The day visitors...Margie
 And Carolyn
The hikes
 Kathleen and her Shadow
 Bandit preferred to walk alone.
The dog swims... Herschel and Stuart
 Peaches and almost Beth
The celebrations....Wendy's first "dump"
The songs
The kayaking

The driver training
Belle was there
 And got a new home with Nan
The laughs

The official group pictures: WomenRV
Open Roads Singles


  1. Looks like a FUN time was had by all!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. A fun time WAS had by all. Thanks so much for planning such a great gtg. Can't wait for the next one.