"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blue Cypress Lake

I arrived Monday at Middleton's Fish Camp for a week of camping with friends Beth, Tina, and Sarah. Left to right: Beth's RV, mine, a couple from TN, and Tina's on the end. Sarah stayed with me one night, then rented a cabin.

The RVs face a canal that leads to Blue Cypress Lake
Tina taking a picture of...
a baby gator.

Monday evening sunset
Foggy Tuesday morning sunrise
Sharing the roost
 Black crowned night heron, which my friend Birdie pointed out has some white breeding plumage showing.
Getting ready to launch the kayaks...Tina, Beth, and Sarah looking on.
Out the canal
Beth is all smiles.
Calm peaceful waters.
Tina reflects...
Multiple Osprey nests
Osprey takes flight
Hollow tree
Another Osprey
I liked this swirly tree.
Lots of vultures...
Looking down a canal in the adjacent fishing village.
Tina walking her dogs.
Red shouldered hawk
Turtle sweethearts
Bandit gets some outside time.
Beth and Peaches on a hike.

Vultures come home to roost in the evening.

Wednesday sunrise
Wed. morning...Beth watching us kayak out the canal.
Gator in the canal...
That's me checking out an Osprey nest above a cabin.
The lake was choppy on Wed. , so kayaked the calmer canals.
Great Blue Heron standing on the deck of a cabin.
Sarah outside her rented cabin.
Limpkin catches a snail.

Just some pretty red maple seeds
We were expecting rain, so Beth worked on her roof to make sure it wouldn't leak.
 But the rain never came, so we sat outside enjoying the warm sunshine...

 And watched a Little Blue Heron catch his dinner in the canal. Click on the link and you can watch him too.


  1. Have fun ladies... would like to boon dock there also... looks beautiful... Kathleen

  2. Wish I was there too...missed ya all...Lizzie stop by and say "hello" we'll have lunch or dinner or even desert ....LOL Enjoy those pictures...God Bless Zeee

  3. Lovely place and as always, enjoyed your pictures.