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Monday, April 4, 2011

So Many Birds

I see so many different kinds of birds from my site in McIntosh, that I decided to give them their own blog post.
There are many regulars...birds that are here all the time, like this Red-shouldered hawk that hangs out on the light pole or a tree near my site. He's fun to watch and listen to:

I'm not sure what he caught after a brief struggle by the lakeshore, but it may have been a baby gator.
Ospreys, Bald Eagles, and Vultures are regulars too, vying for the fish. The Ospreys do most of the work:
 Looking, looking...
 In position for the dive...
 Going in for the catch:
 Not sure what he caught, but it's a good 'un...
 I think he may be in competition for the "Big Catch Certificate"! Too bad I only got one picture of his catch...he needs two to enter.
Next comes the Bald Eagle to harass the osprey and get him to drop it. When he drops it, the eagle zooms down for the steal.

Also a player is the Turkey Vulture. I'm guessing he either tries to pick up the dropped fish, or else he's getting too close to the Eagle nest. Anyway the Eagle regularly chases him off.

Some of the other regulars include, but are not limited to:
Tri-colored herons and American Coots
Great Blue Heron and Greater Yellowlegs
Better views of the Greater Yellow Legs

And I like this pic of GBH with the sun glinting off the water.
Snowy Egret and Glossy Ibises
This immature Little Blue Heron comes around every day.
And so does the Great Egret
And then there are the occasional transients like this Wood Stork. His yellow beak makes me think he's a juvenile...Birdie will know.
And this Swallow-tailed kite
Sand Hill Cranes fly over daily, but occasionally come close.
A pair of Common Moorhens
There are many "little" birds I hear or see, but only rarely can get an ID or pic
Mourning Dove with (perhaps) a Great Crested Flycatcher?
and an Eastern Bluebird (female I think)
There are others and I'll probably figure out some more before I leave this place on Friday, but you get the picture.
Oh, he's not a bird, is he? But he does live in McIntosh along with two others....ya just never know what you'll see on a walk around here. This one made me think of forum friend Li...I think he wants to kiss her.

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