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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Walk around Historic McIntosh

Want to take a walk with me around this 1890's town? We'll start with the churches. McIntosh has 4 circa 1890s churches: 
Presbyterian Church
Methodist Church
 Baptist Church
Christian Church
This is a view of the old Depot and Carriage House

Some of the original train track
The Carriage Barn is a big building, but appears dwarfed under the towering Live Oak trees.
I'm guessing this was an orange packing house at one time. Citrus was one of this area's main industries at the turn of the century,
One of the tree-lined streets
Walking toward the old hotel.
This building held a beauty shop in the 1990s. I don't know what its original use was.
 The hotel was operated by my Scottish friend, Betty McKoone, nee Hopwood. She and her siblings lived in McIntosh and were a major support and influence in the community.
 This park across from the hotel was created in their memory.

 Some of the historic homes in the downtown area: Large porches were a common feature.
 An old barn

 This one is now a Bed and Breakfast
 Another street view of the Live Oaks
 This is a modern house which they had to build to look old so it would "fit in" the historic district.
 Van Ness Park and community center.
 Oh, if the trees could talk, the stories they would tell...
 I love that I can enjoy all the well-manicured yards and beautiful flower gardens, without having to do any maintenance on them.
 The little Town Hall
 A local business: mcintoshworld.com
 These old citrus packing houses later held antique shops. Don't know if they are in use anymore. The large citrus groves were destroyed by major freezes and most were not replanted.
 A smaller house.
 The Spiderwort is prolific all over McIntosh. I'm not sure if it is native or an invasive species.
 Another beautiful yard I can enjoy on my walks.
Just out of town, this road meanders by horse farms.
My friend says this tank & structure was for fueling the smudge pots in the orange groves.
That's the end of the tour...back to my lakeside retreat....lotta birding to do.


  1. Beautiful pictures as always Liz. You certainly know how to get a person wishing to visit a place.

  2. The entry of the Methodist Church is so beautiful! I love that diagonal design. Great pix Liz of wonderful little town.

  3. Hi! Just saw your post about our beautiful old town of Mcintosh, do you mind if i reblog this entry, I just wanted to show how lovely this town is to my friends and future customers.