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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rainbow River and the La Chua Trail

I've been really enjoying my visit with friend Birdie and we've been packing in as much fun as possible in the beautiful warm weather. We took our kayaks down to Dunnellon and kayaked the Rainbow River from the KP Hole to the headsprings at the Rainbow River State Park and back down the river to the kayak/tubing takeout...about a 4 hour trip.
The Rainbow River is crystal clear.

 Approaching the head springs.
 Not very good birding, but we did see this red shouldered hawk.
A popular place for kayaking; it got a little crowded near the head waters.
For our next adventure we met Nan at the Genghis Grill in Gainesville (a unique dining experience I highly recommend), and then we all set off to hike the La Chua Trail.
 Important first stop
 The sign didn't say, but I suspect the boar we saw was wild too.
 A view of the open range on Paynes Prairie.
The Alachua Sink 
The springs
I believe Birdie said this is a Greater Yellowlegs
 Snowy Egret coming in for a landing.
 If you want to see gators, this is the place to come. There were gators large and small.
 Reminded me of pictures I have seen of crocs along the banks of the Nile. Even I would not kayak here.
 Bison coming out of the scrub.
Down to the water for a drink.
 We watched this Great Blue Heron struggle to swallow a snake. The snake fought back, but lost.
 Birdie spotted this Wood Stork in the distance. Not a very good picture.
 Wild Boar
 Tire disguised as a gator.
Sand Hill Cranes

On the way home, I gave Birdie the two minute tour of Micanopy where a wedding was taking place at the historic Herlong Mansion.

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  1. That water is simply beautiful... oh my what a great day you had... thank you for taking us along...