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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Return to Blue Cypress Lake

I returned to Blue Cypress Lake in early March with friends Birdie (Nancy) and Beth. While kayaking, I got several pictures of the Ospreys during their nest building, mating activities, as well as other birds. This post is for the birds!

This red-shouldered hawk was behind our campsite.
Birdie says this Great Blue Heron (GBH in birding speak) is getting his reddish mating plumage.
I like the way this GBH was silhouetted against the evening sky.
One day we rode into Fort Pierce in Beth's car to go to the Farmer's Market. We got there just in time for a Cracker parade, FL cowboys, so named for the sound of their whips.
Boats along the Intracoastal Waterway.  I forgot to ask Birdie if this was a Laughing Gull...perhaps she'll tell us what kind it is.
You can see it was a beautiful day....with just enough wind for sailing.
We ate out at Archie's....famous for it's, well, food among other things.
Pirate Beth
Left to right: Liz, Birdie, Beth. Birdie said the Soft-shelled Crab sandwich was to die for. Grilled fish was very good too.
A trip through Vero Beach and back to Blue Cypress Lake.
On the road to the lake we passed this pair of Lesser Sand Hill Cranes. I've never seen this yellow plumage before.
Close up of the hole they have through their bill.
This alligator was enjoying the warm sunshine on a floating platform in the canal across from our sites.
Pre-dawn's early light, looking out the canal toward the lake.
Another gorgeous sunrise...
Fisherman setting out at the crack of dawn.
It was a great morning for kayaking too.
I went out before the vultures left their roost.

Turkey vulture:
Three osprey nests on top of cypress trees:
Pair of ospreys:
They are all busy gathering nest-building materials.

Love this photo catches the male taking flight after mating...at least I think that's what they were doing.
Cormorants roosting.
Airboat heading out on the lake.
I was excited to spot this Green Heron as I came back in the canal.

Not sure what kind of bird this is...
Pink eggs of the invasive species of apple snail.
I love the reflections in the glassy water.
Limpkin in a tree
Birdie with her camera ready waiting for the limpkin to fly.
She probably got a better picture than me with that "serious" camera.
Birdie and I kayaked the canals.
And got some more osprey nest-building pictures.

Then all of us birds went home to roost.
But the Lord makes all things new every morning...
This time, Birdie and I headed south along the shoreline.
Where we saw this Belted Kingfisher...
Birdie took my picture through the reeds, so I took hers too.
This Osprey is like me...still perched by the nest, but ready to take flight.
Black vulture eating a fish by the canal.
Birdie told me what kind of gull...but I forgot, and can't figure it out from the guide. There are so many similar.
This female Anhinga greets the morning sun with her golden plumage.
Hope you enjoyed our days with the birds.


  1. Great Pics. Thanks for sharing

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. Liz, you certainly had some gorgeous photos on this post. So many were outstanding.

    Ha, ha, ha - the 'secret word' I had to type to post this comment was "dogypo". How funny!