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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Corning Glass Museum

You probably all have some Corningware in your kitchen, but in Corning, NY where it is made, is the most amazing museum of glass that spans the earliest history of glass-making to modern innovations and uses.
This blown glass "Fern Green Tower" graces the lobby.
 We began our tour in the modern art gallery
 Blown glass with thread & hair
 Then we go back in time to learn about the earliest glass-making techniques.
 Nan reflected in the fiery furnace

Hellenistic Glass vessels

I could probably do some blob decoration

 Not sure why anyone would want a grotesque head flask

 Engraved glass
 It was interesting to learn the uses of some of the glass containers/objects

 "Miracle" glass...turns water into wine!

 Bones of the saints.... and a Nef
Female glass urinal
Antique enthusiast Sarah would be interested in the Research Room where glass objects are studied and categorized to determine their origin & purpose.
 Glass furniture
 Just a few examples of the antique pieces on display

 The mosaics of Salviati
 This 1879 depiction of  St. Peter's Square in Rome is done in Micromosaics...very intricate in detail
 Mr. Edison's light bulbs

 Stained glass...

 Glass bottle production
 Fiber optics 
 Lenses....Nan looks through a periscope that goes to the roof.

 Want to look?
 These two young men demonstrated how a hand-blown vase is made during the hot glass show.
Giving it shape
Adding some decoration and handles. 

There was much, much more...but you'll just have to go there yourself.

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