"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Peaks of Otter

It's really a tough life, living on the BlueRidge Parkway. Well, maybe not as tough as the first settlers had it....
 But they didn't have to contend with the terrible traffic.
 It's no wonder we decided to stop for few days at a place called "Peaks of Otter." This is a peek at the Peaks from below in nearby Bedford where we went for gas and groceries.
Our campsites where we were forced to rest...from internet service anyway.
 Roe met another kind of fur friend.
 Who followed us awhile on our walk.
 There are lots of trails here. We did some, and saved some for another visit. I wanted to see the Polly Woods Ordinary, just to find out what one is.
A view of Abbott Lake
Along the Lake Trail
 Guess there'll be no kayaking here.
 Don't tell Roe about the "No Swimming," OK? 
 I spy a cabin in the woods.
 It's the Polly Woods Ordinary!

 Want to peek inside?
 I wonder what’s attracting the butterflies to this moss-covered log at the water’s edge?
 Butterfly feeding frenzy.
 If you look closely, you can see a small blue butterfly trying to get in on the action.

Wouldn't it be fun to go up there?
It's called Sharp Top.
 There's a trail to the top, but there's also a bus that goes most of the way. We tried to take the bus, but it only runs on weekends so far. Saved this one for another day.
 We decided on this trail instead.
 Just a walk in the woods...uphill.

 Country Lane
 The farmhouse.

The girls bedroom upstairs...each bed had different kinds of handmade dolls.

 One generation of Johnsons

 The Park Ranger demonstrates a home-made game...tossing corncob darts through a hoop.
Spring House
Out buildings
The trail down
 Woodland critter
 A grove of Mountain Laurel
 You should always look behind you before you back up whether in your RV or walking. I was backing up to get a picture of Nan as she hopped across the rocks in the stream. Only I tripped and Nan got a picture of me instead...sitting down rather suddenly.
 But I didn't drop my camera, so still got my picture.
 Finally it was time to resume our strenuous journey over the mountains. Blooming Rhododendrons lined both sides of the road.

 This view is from the highest point on the Blue Ridge in Virginia. 3950 ft. There are higher places in North Carolina, but the view is impressive today.
 It makes you feel like you're driving on top of the world.

 Oh yeah, I am "On top of the world, looking down on Creation..."
 Another trail...
 Another view...
 Thunder Rocks
 Oh so tiring looking down. We decided to come down from the mountains and explore the valley, so we could look up for awhile. Crossing the James River.
 Oh no! Now we're looking down on the James River!
Maybe next post we'll be "looking up."


  1. Great pictures and narrative... you do an excellent job Liz... thank you

  2. Great shot from the 'top of the world'!