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Friday, June 17, 2011

WomenRV Forum PA Get Together

I spent 4 fun days with friends old and new in Biglerville, PA near Gettysburgh. The official group photo: Back: Margie (honorary member), Paulette, Shirl, Nan, & Irmi
Front: Pam(Buttons), Lori, Liz, and Beth
Lori's husband Ernie has helped Lori officiate at so many of these GTGs that he has well earned his honorary title. They are great hosts.
Pretty waterfall in the campground.
 Irmi & Steve's rig on the left, Shirl's on the right.
 Nan's rig on the left, mine on the right. Lori gifted us all with a pink flamingo lawn ornament. 
 Chatting...L to R: Shirl, Paulette, Steve, Irmi. Although I've known them awhile on the forum, it was great to finally meet them in person.
 Lori and Ernie's summer site.
 Lori and Ernie made Sunday (arrival day) dinner for us all, starting with Maryland Crab. Yum.
 Steve showed us the art of crab eating. He's showing Nan where the "good stuff" is.
 Nan will try anything once.
You can tell Irmi's done this a time or two.
 Beth arrived in time for the Sloppy Joes.
 Lori gave us all towels she had made commemorating the 4th PA GTG. (Get-together)
 What a thoughtful gift.
 Beth and Peaches were overnight guests in my rig. She was only able to come two nights, so left her rig behind.
 On Monday, Ernie gave those interested an inspiring tour of Gettysburg. Having grown up here, he had a lot of knowledge, and shared a few stories as only he can do. In fact he might have actually fought in the Civil War, I think...  Anyway, Nan and I were so inspired we decided to go back and tour some more on Friday after the GTG.
On Tuesday, Lori took us by this historic Inn, which is rumored to have a resident ghost.
 What is known is that Robert E. Lee had a meeting here just as the Battle of Gettysburg began.
 From there it was on to visit a local winery.
 Our forum mascot, Belle was along, and delighted to find her own bird-sized winery.
 Some local birds (swallows) were nesting under the eaves.
 Mural inside the winery entrance.
 Nan and Irmi wine-tasting.
 The winery has a mascot too....Rusty, the Golden Retriever. He was about to celebrate his birthday with a fundraiser for the SPCA.
 Here's Rusty.
 I think Belle tasted too much wine in there.
 On the way back we stopped at this round barn.
 Which I learned was designed by the Shakers.
 Belle made friends with this winsome pair.
One afternoon, Lori's dog, Spinner, came to invite the other furkids to his swimming hole.
L to R: Spinner, Bear, Eddie, Roe
Spinner leads the way.
 Spinner and Roe got right to it.
 Come on in, Eddie, it's not so bad.
 Bear prefers private swims. Those other dogs splash too much.
 Spinner stalking a chipmunk (far right). By the way, Lori can do an amazingly accurate imitation of Spinner stalking a chipmunk. Have her show you sometime.
 On Wednesday (at least I think it was Wednesday) Lori took us to the Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium:
 Where we saw lots of elephants, large and small, made of everything imaginable.
 And lots of candy that will remind you of your childhood. Did you know they still make candy cigarettes? Shame on them. Penny candy now costs 10 cents.
 And other amusements...
 Back at the campground, it was time for the hot dog cookout.
 Thursday morning, departure day, it was time to say goodbye. But not before Belle got passed to a new Caretaker, Irmi! (Belle's in the bag, still recovering from her wine-tasting, I guess.) Irmi's going to take Belle camping near the MD shore. I don't think she's ever been there. Sure hope Irmi will post pictures of Belle's adventures.
The nice thing about this GTG is that there will be another in PA in September, at Beth's Lake-in-the-Woods campground. And most of us will get to see everyone again real soon.

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