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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Lakes Seaway Trail, Part 1

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is a 518-mile scenic driving route paralleling Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario, and the St. Lawrence River. Our tour begins in the central part along Lake Ontario and eastward.

The first stop was in Lockport and the Erie Canal. We missed some things to do here...always an excuse to come again.
 We could have toured the locks, or even taken a cruise through them. There is also an 1880s  tunnel you can walk through and an underground boat ride. Next time.
 Next stop was at Golden Hill State Park and the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse. You can rent the living quarters in this lighthouse for an overnight stay.
View from the top looking west. Notice the nice pull-through RV sites on the left in the campground.
 Looking east. The little round red building held fuel (kerosene) for the light.
Legends about the park.
This is Charlotte-Genesee Light in Rochester, a really old one.

 View from the sunny side. The lighthouse is only open on weekends, so no tour.
 We stopped to walk the dogs at this public beach & bike/hiking trail in Rochester.
It's so nice to see communities preserving their scenic coastlines for public use.
 Down a shady lane in Rochester. 
 Across a bridge... We missed some places here too, like photography pioneer George Eastman's house and the Susan B. Anthony house where she was arrested for voting.
We passed through many quaint villages on our route, like the historic town of Pultneyville.

 The villagers defended themselves when attacked by the British looking for supplies during the War of 1812.
 Stately old homes are maintained in great condition.
 And as a bonus they were all bedecked for the 4th of July.

 Cragg's House, 1870
 The site of the battle with the British.
We rode through a lot of farmland, past roadside stands where you could buy local fruits, or pick your own. I bought some fresh strawberries and a small loaf of rhubarb bread.
Next up...Sodus Point Light, the Oswego Locks and more of the Seaway Trail

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