"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grayson Lake, KY

Out of character, I know, but I drove the Interstate a ways, a little break from the curvy country roads I've been on.
 At least until I got off....
And into Kentucky.
 It appears to be fashionable to paint images on barns around here.
 I arrived at Grayson Lake State Park in a heavy rainstorm, and took the closest campsite near the bath house.
 Later the rain stopped and Roe and I took advantage of it to hike the trail to the lake.
 We chose the shorter .8 mile Beech-Hemlock trail to the lake.
Named for the two types of trees that are predominant along the way.
Beech tree leaves and hemlock needles litter the path.
You should have seen Roe jump and back up when he ran into these guys.
 They would be well camouflaged in these leaves wouldn't they?
 Our first glimpse of Grayson Lake. The sides are very steep.
 So the trail is mostly high above it.
 Tree over rock.
 The trail description says to observe the sandstone rock formations...
 like "lizard head" rock, but it didn't say where exactly that particular rock is found. So every rock there after began to look like it could be "lizard head" rock. Lizard head #1:
 Lizard head # 2: (You can all vote to see which one you think it is, or if I found it at all.)
 We saw 3 deer in all...this doe,
 and this buck were traveling together. The third was just a tail bounding away.
 The trail crossed this stream over a little wooden bridge.
 Lizard head rock #3
 Lizard head rock # 4
 Lizard head rock #5
So, which one do you think was "lizard head rock"? Or is it still to be discovered?

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