"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rambling and Ruckus

"I've laid around
and played around
this old town too long
Summer's almost gone,
winter's comin' on 
I've laid around and played around this old town too long 
And I feel like I gotta travel on 
It was time to leave NH, and so I did, singing a travelin' song.
Some scenes from rambling across Vermont:
A roadside spring. Feel free to fill your jugs, but the State of VT does not guarantee the water's purity.

The Lamoille River
 This unidentified raptor was having trouble flying with the burden of his unfortunate prey.
One more visit with friend Abby on Lake Champlain
 Where her son Danny was teaching some kids to fish
 They were proud of their catch: a smallmouth bass and two perch
Then on to NY for the Ruckus in the Adirondacks, a gathering of like-minded RVers at member Soos' beautiful mountain property.

Our group, Back L to R: Carol, Anita, Soos, Pete. Front: Molly, Roe, me.
Pete, Anita, and I took a trip to visit High Falls Gorge
The Ausable River flows through the gorge.

Along the first part of the trail is a series of interpretive signs.
The gorge has been a tourist attraction for over 100 years.
The remains of the rope bridge crossing.
This sign will give you pause...
I guess it would be hard to manage snowshoes on all those steps.
Parts of the trail had been washed out in recent floods and were closed for repair.
THis worker was well-tethered as he worked on the repair.
Water was flowing swiftly through the gorge...probably even more so now after all the rain from Irene and Lee.
It amazes me what moving water can do to stone.
The tan foam at the base of the falls is a by-product of decaying leaves and other vegetation.
Pete poses in this tree that clings precariously to the rock cliff.
One rainy evening Soos took us all to a concert in the park in Wilmington.
Soos danced in the rain...
And we all were blessed by a rare double rainbow.
Anita and I visited the Olympic Sites at Lake Placid.
We rode the bobsled, L to R: brakeman, Anita, me, driver.
and stood on the winners' platform.
We rode the ski lift and elevator to the top of the ski lifts,
and imagined what it would be like to ski down and jump...not exactly like doing it on my Wii.
We rode a gondola to the top of Little Whiteface Mountain,
where from the top we could look down on Lake Placid.
It was a great get-together with RVing friends. Since then I've been waiting out the rains first from Irene in NY, and now Lee in PA. My next post will be from another GTG in PA, if I can get there through the flooded area. May have to inflate my kayak.


  1. Stuck in the rain for days. Is this where you start wishing for a larger RV?

  2. PS Longdong2..Nope! She wishes for a "HOUSE BOAT"..LOL hey loved the pictures and did I say, "Welcome to Pa".. have a safe trip and enjoy the GTG ..wish I could be there.. God Bless Zeee