"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Lakes Seaway Trail, Part 2

It was such a pretty setting on a glorious day that I took way too many pictures of Sodus Point Light. And even though I chose only a fraction of them to post, it will still seem like too many to some.

This is the new Sodus Point Light, the one that is currently operating.
 There are many vantage points to photograph it, so hard to pick just one.
 I'll bet this arbor has witnessed many weddings.
From the window of Big Sodus Light. The circle is the site of the original light.
Last one!
Now this is Big Sodus Lighthouse, built in 1870. It replaced the original 1825 Light.
 The stones in the foreground mark the site of the 1825 Keeper's Dwelling House, which was separate from the Tower.
Big Sodus Light currently houses a maritime museum.
 Inside the museum were learned more about the War of 1812. Seems the British attacked many points along the coast.
We also learned about early tourism in the area.
 And we climbed to the top.
 The light is only lit once a year now, between Christmas and New Years. They have to blacken out the side facing the lake so it doesn't confuse mariners.
I just couldn't stop taking pictures.
 We had lunch here on their dog-friendly grounds.
 Ok, that's all.
 But this old home across the street was worthy of a picture too.
And the Catholic Church in town...
 And the marina,
 And the sailing regatta going on in the harbor... Ok, enough of Sodus Point.
 I told Nan if she was sick of our route, I could try to find one with more traffic, but she said she thought she could hang in a while longer.
 So we came to Oswego...where there was more traffic, but Nan knows how to find a parking place!
 This mural was on the side of the Fire Station.
 We stopped to see the Locks, but also found another Lighthouse. This mural was down by the canal, in view of the Harbor Light.
There it is, out in the harbor.
Oswego Inner Harbor Light, 1890

This is Oswego Lock #8, the last before the river flows into Lake Ontario.
 As I was studying this map of the Oswego Canals & Locks, the Lockmaster (Is that what he's called?) came out and handed me a pile of literature about the canals & locks...enough to provide me reading material for the rest of the summer, if I so choose.
He also told us about the old railroad bridge that is now a walking bridge over the canal & from where we can get the best pictures. You can see it beyond the building.
At the top of the stairs were a series of displays about the history of the river & locks.
 And the walkway.
 The view upriver...
 And downriver toward the harbor.
 Men working under the car bridge.
 And back across the bridge.
 Our campground in Oswego was called "Yesterday." These old gas pumps were part of the decor. 
 And the sign on the office reminds us that every day is a good day.
 And the wildflowers are just one affirmation of that. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful light and location. As usual, I felt I was traveling along with you.

  2. Dare I say not enough yet? Such lovely pictures and narrative... Thank you so much...