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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Basin Bluegrass Festival, Brandon, VT

I'm guessing it's called Basin because the field where it's located is in a low spot surrounded by mountains.
The Festival's official dates were from Thursday, July 7 through Sunday, July 10, but people began arriving as early as Sunday, July 3. When we arrived on Tuesday, the field was about half-full of RVs.
Nan and I put out awnings and sunshades to create some shady area to sit outside. There was a lot of creative shade-making going on.
 We spent the week people-watching and listening to small groups of musicians practicing all around us.
 Some people were more interesting than others.
 Roe and I took a hike on a snow mobile/atv trail up the mountain behind us.
 The view from half-way up. The white spot is the field of RVs. I hiked up here again later and the basin sound-effect was that the music could be heard here as clearly as right in front of the stage.
Roe found a muddy creek and jumped right in....resulting in a bath when we got back. He says it was worth it.
 By Friday, the first full day of performances, the field was pretty full.
 Plus there were many people who came just for the day...like my friends Nancy (Cedar) and Kathy from the ORS (Open Roads Singles) forum. You can see them on the far right through the screen. The group on stage is Dave Nichols & Spare Change from NY.
There was a lot of singing and strummin' 
 Strummin' and singing...
Want to hear them play? Click on the video.
 Making that fiddle sing...
This is a very short video. Wish it was longer; he was good.
More pickin' & playin'
 And then there were jokes and practical jokes. This fellow was about to shoot the band with marshmallows.

Some spontaneous dancing broke out now and then...

The event was very well organized and orchestrated. You could tell by the behind-the-scenes details being taken care of...

Water trucks keeping the dust down.  Porta-potties were emptied and kept sanitized too.
 Saturday evening serenade...in color. What a nice week.

Note: I've added a map on the right side so you can keep up with my route and locations of the places I write about. I will try to keep it up-to-date after I have left the spot. For safety reasons I try not to divulge my current location.

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  1. Lizzie..Glad to see you and Nan are having a wonderful time.. Keep on truckin' I'm enjoying all those pictures...God Bless Zeee