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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maine, Part 1

We stopped for a stretch break at the Visitors Center in Rumford and learned a little history.
 Rumford Falls
 Closer up
 Seems like every northern state has some claim to Paul Bunyon, and Maine is no exception.
 We skipped the photo op with Babe the Blue Ox.
 More history was learned at the next rest area. Anyone who has ever read Kenneth Roberts' historical novels "Arundel" and "Rabble in Arms," has a bigger respect for the heroic acts of Benedict Arnold before the act he is infamous for today.
 Androscoggin River
 Near the bridge to Mount Desert Island
 Where we stopped for our first Maine lobster.
THe lobster pots...also used for clams.
 Wind vane on the Lobster Pound

 Take your pick.
 Looked like lunch to me. Nan named hers, but that's too much like a pet...knowing the outcome.
 All done!
 And ready to eat.
At the Visitors Center of Acadia National Park we learned about cairns.
I learned there are two kinds of cairns. I'd never heard of a Bates cairn before.
Bates cairn.
This is me standing beside a conical cairn back on Blueberry Mountain in NH.
As we drove along the park road, we saw this lobster boat putting out its traps.
We passed Egg Rock Lighthouse
The popular stops were very crowded and we could not park at most of them. We were lucky to find a spot near Thunder Hole, but there were so many people, we couldn't get close.
This is what you're supposed to hear and see at Thunder Hole, but it didn't happen while we were there.
Due to the crowds, most of my day's pictures are from the road. A rocky coast..
 A quiet cove...
A secluded pebbly beach. 
We got tired of the traffic and crowds, so left the island to go to our campground by the sea. I watched the lobstermen come in and anchor their boats for the night.
 And the fishermen putting up their nets,
 And the sun set over the harbor.
My site by the sea:
THe name of the campground is "Mountain View." You can see the Acadia NP mountains from here.
 I liked this yellow boat at mooring.
 Early morning lobsterman getting in his boat.
Early morning gull looking for his breakfast. 
We're up early to go back to Acadia NP and drive up Cadillac Mountain hopefully before all the other tourists get there. See you later!

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