"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Maine, Part 4

We left busy Rte 1, and chose a quieter, less-traveled road down coastal Rte 32. We passed small inlets,
 and farmland.
 Interesting signs...
 Until we came to Muscongus Bay,
Near the town of New Harbor.
We stayed at this campground for two days while we explored the area.
 Just a short walk through Sherwood Forest brings you to the beach.
 Which is almost deserted in the evenings.
 Nan was not prepared for the big wave and got a cold splash.
 So we walked on the sandy beach and watched the sun go down.
In the morning we visited Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and Fisherman's Museum
 The light keeper took our picture beside the 28 pound lobster in the museum.
 We watched the lobstermen checking their traps just off shore.
 And spent a lot of time just watching the waves crash on the rocks.
 Do you want to watch the waves with us? Click on the video.
Just down the road is Colonial Pemaquid and Fort William Henry (1692-1696).
The fort house is used as a visitor's center and archeological research center. In the foreground is the excavated remains of officer's quarters.
 View from the tower.
 THe colonial village is still being excavated by archaeologists.
Remains of a colonial house.
Early graveyard.
 The markers tell about the difficult life of fishermen.

 Pemaquid Harbor
 The lobstermen each have a unique buoy to mark their lobster traps.
Watching them made us think of lunch. We made our way to the Cupboard Cafe, recommended to us by the lighthouse keeper.
 Where everything on the menu is "made from scratch."
 Haddock chowder.....very, very good!
 With full bellies, we made our way to the Rachel Carlson Salt Pond Preserve.
A large tidal pool where Rachel Carlson gathered some of the material for her book,"The Edge of the Sea." It is low tide...the perfect time to come.
Here's what we see:

 Three species of periwinkle snails are found here, but I won't pretend to know the difference.
Every now and then you stand up to stretch your back and look out at the incredible view. 

 Lots of bright colors of rocks, algae, and seaweed.

 Neat place.
Later, while we waited for the day crowd to leave "our" beach, we were entertained by seagulls fighting over a fast food bag.
 To the victor...
 "Don't even think about it..."
 Before we went on the beach, we picked up all the trash the gulls spread around and put it in the trash can. Then we walked on the beach again. Nan was prepared with a bathing suit on this time.
 Adult and juvenile herring gull....at least I think that's what kind it is.

 This guy was a little crabby.
 Footprints in the sand...
 And another sunset.
In the morning we checked out of Sherwood Forest and moved on in search of another magical place.  You'll see what we found next time.


  1. Nice! As a retiree from The Nature Conservancy I'm glad you found a preserve to enjoy. You can go online and find many.... each chapter has several. I know you would find them to your liking!

  2. Hey Lizzie, them pictures are "gooders" and by the way..Happy Birthday..Do they make Lobster Cakes >>>>???? Ha ! Have a great one and a good one and a best one.. and remember to come visit now you and I don't have any excuses..well I can always have surprises..but I have long extension cords..and I love to cook :) so come and we'll celebrate all the lost ones..! God Bless Zeee