"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Hampshire

Dartmouth College rowing team on the Connecticut River,
Which we crossed on this rusty bridge from Vermont to Lyme, NH
We stopped in Lyme by these old carriage barns. Stall number 9, belonged to my ancestor. The name is Lamphere, my maiden name.
Around the village green you find the Lyme Inn,
and the Lyme Country Store.
North along the river is the town of Orford where we also stopped to look at the Ridge Houses:
One of the Ridge Houses
Never seen a "Social" Library..thought that was interesting.
Driveway to my brother's camp in Pike. I sent Nan up first so she'd have room to turn around.
Our campsites for the week we spent there.
What did we do all week? We watched the birds. This one is an Evening Grosbeak. 
We hiked the 4-wheeler trails behind the camp.
 Roy's 2 grandsons were visiting and checked out the treehouse blind they helped build.
 We went to a great swimming hole called the "Eddy." The Swiftwater covered bridge was built in 1849.
I watched the boys fish for brook trout.
 Roe enjoyed "helping."
 Brook trout
We went hunting for moose, but none cooperated.
 And listened for loons on Long Pond. I'll be back here later with my kayak.
 We went to Slicks for home-made ice cream.
We watched the full moon rise over the mountains,
 And sat around the fire pit.
 A bunch of us climbed Blueberry Mountain
And yes, there are blueberries up there...we picked enough for a pancake breakfast.
 My brother Roy and me at the summit.
 The gorgeous view.
I painted a sign for my brother's camp...he's been waiting 3 years for me to do that.
 And he finally got it up on the wall.
We watched more birds... juvenile Grosbeak
 Purple finch
Indigo Bunting
And other critters...

 A black bear was seen in camp, but not by me, as it wandered through at the crack of dawn, and I was still in bed. These 3 cubs were seen a few miles away by friends of Roy and Tiny.
Mom and cub
Grosbeak chasing away the Indigo Bunting.
 Yellow finch
 And we ate tons of delicious food, most of it prepared by my sister-in-law, Tiny. She's a great cook and works tirelessly to feed and entertain guests. Thanks Tiny. (Roy cooked this meat over the fire pit)
Nan and I are on to Maine....and lobster.


  1. Lizzie, I just love that New England area..oh those pictures and that Blue Indigo..I had one in Florida at my feeder..I'm enjoying you're adventure and I can just imagine Nan..She's got to be loving every minute of it too..Betcha it's cool at night..aaaaah that's gotta be fantastic !

    God Bless and Keep em coming