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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

St. Lawrence Seaway

We stopped in Sackets Harbor where we learned a little more history of the War of 1812.
 Then and now.
 Once a harbor for Naval warships, it is now a haven for pleasure boats.
And children feeding birds.
 The Union Hotel was built in 1817 as part of booming commercial activity that occurred after the war. It now houses the Seaway Trail Discovery Center.
We both learned through a "hands-on" exhibit what it was like to live aboard the Jefferson in 1814.
Well, maybe not "hands"-on...

 We had a guided tour of the Commandant of the Navy's house built in 1847. Being from the South, when the Civil War started he resigned his command and went home to serve the Southern cause.
Our next stop was Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, at the entrance from Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence River.  Coast Guard Regs. prohibit us from climbing it. 
Foghorns....they are loud.
Want to hear them? Click on the video.

Looking across at Canada.
On the road to Tibbetts Point we passed this stone house. Built in 1815, Canadian Rebels were sheltered here during the Patriot War, 1838.
Sunset on the St. Lawrence at Burnham Point State Park. 
 Just playing around with the sunset pictures.
We could see Singer Castle from a viewpoint on Rte 12 in the Thousand Islands area. Frederick Bourne, president of Singer Sewing Machine Co., built the castle in 1903 as a hunting lodge. 
Because of the holiday weekend upon us, we did not stop to do a boat tour of the islands and castles. Something to look forward to next trip this way.
We watched large ships traverse the seaway. 
This small lighthouse is on a private island. 
Roe took a swim in the St. Lawrence, just to say he did.
 Amish roadside stand.
Our last night on the St. Lawrence Seaway was "spent" at this Casino in Massena.  
Camping was free, but they got a little bit of my money at their buffet and penny slots.

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