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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maine, Part 2

We did it. We got going early and were able to drive up and find parking on the top of Cadillac Mountain (Acadia National Park). Nan and Bear set off to hike the summit trail.
Roe and me.
Wild roses were blooming all around and the distant view was gorgeous too.
As we walked the trail we looked down at Otter Point (a place we couldn't stop yesterday because there was no place left to park).
Bar Harbor
A big sailing vessel.
Our next stop was Jordan Pond where we were still early and lucky enough to find RV parking.
We hiked a trail around to the other side, much of it on a boardwalk.
By the time we finished, the parking lot was packed, and we had trouble getting out. I thought Nan was going to have fisticuffs with a man who insisted on parking so close she'd have to hit him if she pulled out. So we left the park rather than resort to violence. Passed this Old Salt on the way.
And on to our next campground on Toddy Pond. In Florida we'd call this 10-mile pond a lake.
There are loons on this pond, but too far away to get a good picture. I love to hear them call.
In the morning it was time to get the kayak out and paddle to the other end.
I love this stuff.
Rocky shoreline.
I had to be careful not to hit the big boulders just below the surface near shore.
A grassy area along here.
Where many blue damselflies were busy making more blue damselflies.
I don't remember the name of these purple flowers.
Back at the campground. They have a nice swim area, boat docks, boat and kayak rentals, and playground. A great place to bring kids.
Tomorrow we will work our way farther down the Maine coast, perhaps visit some lighthouses, or search out more seafood.

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